Atomos Limited IPO

Initial Public Offer of approximately 14.6 million shares to raise $6 million.

Henslow is pleased to be joint lead manager supporting Atomos Limited (‘Atomos’ or ‘Company’) in undertaking an Initial Public Offer (‘Offer’) of approximately 14.6 million shares to raise $6 million.

Atomos is a Melbourne based, global video technology company that enhances video content creation by producing products that connect the imaging and computer worlds together, from the point of capture (camera) through to displaying (monitor), processing and recording of the latest high-quality video onto affordable computer media for creative enhancement and distribution of content.

Initial Public Offering Details

Offer opens Monday 10 December and closes Tuesday 18 December 2018
Offer Price per Share $0.41
Gross proceeds of the Offer $6 million
Market capitalisation on completion of the Offer $62.2 million
Enterprise value on completion of the Offer $51.8 million
Allotment of Shares Friday 21 December
Trading of shares commences on ASX Friday 28 December 2018

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