Atomos passes Apple screen test

Henslow congratulates video technology company Atomos on their exciting partnership with Apple, after announcing on 6th March the delivery of a new global video recording format, ProRes RAW that will revolutionise video production globally.

Atomos designs, develops and sells monitor recorders that enhance video camera functionality. Using the AtomOS proprietary operating software and an easy-to-use touchscreen hardware interface, Atomos will be the only company globally to record the new revolutionary format directly at the camera via its monitor. Atomos has partnered with camera manufacturers such as Panasonic, JVC, Canon and Sony to achieve this.

Atomos generates sales in excess of $30m and is fast becoming a great Australian success story. It has built an impressive global footprint with offices in Japan, China, Germany and the USA.

With a strong Board in place, Henslow is currently preparing Atomos for IPO and will be launching a pre-IPO funding round following this announcement.

Originally published article in The Australian newspaper


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