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Henslow advises Atomos on Pre-IPO capital raise

Henslow acted as lead advisor to Atomos Ltd on their successful Pre-IPO raise of $7.0m via a Convertible Note issue. This is the fourth capital raise that Henslow has undertaken for Atomos and continues to support the company’s growth prospects and strong position within the global video market.

The funds raised are being used to support working capital requirements associated with new product releases along with capex payments associated with development projects.

The capital raise was led by a prominent investment manager and supported by other major institutional investors.

Atomos is a global video technology company that enhances video content creation by producing products that connect the imaging and computer worlds together, from the point of capture (camera) through to displaying (monitor), processing and recording of the latest high-quality raw video onto affordable computer media for creative enhancement and distribution.

The Company designs, develops and sells, enhanced, simple to use monitor recorder products for prosumers, video professionals and broadcasters – a new product category the Company created 8 years ago. Atomos has also developed a range of proprietary technologies that underpin their current product range and can be leveraged into future products and/or licensing opportunities.

The Company is currently progressing on their IPO plans, targeting a listing on the ASX as early as this calendar year (2018). Henslow has been engaged as Corporate Advisor and Joint Lead Manager along with Morgans to the IPO.

Atomos is based in Port Melbourne, Australia with international offices across EMEA, USA, and Asia.

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