Sportsnet | Rob Cecconi, Founder & Group CEO of Travica

Sportsnet Holidays (Sportsnet) is Asia Pacific’s premier sports travel and experience business. For over two decades, Sportsnet has formulated successful partnerships with some of the world’s largest and prolific sporting event stakeholders. They have assisted with making the dreams of hundreds of thousands of sports fans come true for almost 25 years.

Rob Cecconi, founder of Sportsnet and Group CEO of the shareholding company Travica, speaks to us about the recent resurgence of the travel agent and the future of the travel industry in a post-pandemic world. He touches on how bringing on a strategic investor is helping grow the business and what exciting are things in the pipeline for Sportsnet & eRoam in the coming years.

Rob’s full interview for the Henslow Innovator Series Podcast is available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

Interview clips


Investment from QuintEvents


Bringing on a Strategic Investor


The Future of Travica


The Travel Industry in a Post-COVID World


Travica & Henslow Partnership

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