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Atomos and Alcidion amongst top players on the ASX All-Tech Index

The ASX has launched a new index, the All Technology Index consisting of 46 of the most innovative Australian technology companies. The Index is designed to be a comprehensive measure of technology-oriented companies listed on the ASX that meet certain investability constraints. Congratulations to our ongoing clients Atomos and Alcidion for being amongst the indexed companies. 

Both CEOs Kate Quirke (Alcidion) and Jeromy Young (Atomos) have grown innovative Australian technology companies ready and able to grow in international markets. Alcidion is one of five healthcare technology companies to make the index with H1 FY2020 revenue of $8.2 million, marking a 12.3% increase from H1 FY2019. Atomos, who’s revenue grew by 51% over the last year, is the only consumer electronics company featured on the list.

We are looking forward to seeing how this vehicle will aid investor insight into some of Australia’s, and the world’s, leading tech companies.

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