Henslow Defence and Security Conference 2023

Henslow recently had the pleasure of hosting its inaugural Defence & Security Conference in Sydney. The conference showcased a range of leading Australian companies in the defence and security sector, both listed and unlisted. 

The conference also provided a platform for several presentations from defence professionals, industry leaders and government representatives. These presentations offered valuable insights into the opportunities and challenges for the sector as governments and companies increase and modernise their defence and security capabilities and infrastructure.  

Additionally, the conference provided collaboration and networking opportunities between the companies, industry leaders and the Australian investment community. Henslow is proud to be able to help foster these relationships and contribute to the success of the Australian defence and security sector.  

If you would like to view the conference recording please click here to download a copy.

Henslow would like to thank all the company presenters, keynote speakers and attendees for contributing to the success of our inaugural Defence & Security Conference.  

We look forward to welcoming everyone back next year for our next iteration. 

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