Henslow opens its doors and full service offering to the Canberra market.

Henslow is proud to announce the official launch of its Canberra office in conjunction with local firm P² Advisory. Led by Ben Weber and Ryan Whitelegg a new office in the capital will access more people and resources on the ground to meet current demands in Canberra’s thriving market and enable added services and opportunities for existing clients from both entities. 

A Full Service Offering in Canberra

Henslow and P² Advisory have been working together for a number of years and both companies have secured their place as leaders in the industry, the new office will formalise this partnership. Henslow’s unique full service offering will enable Canberra clients to access (1) investment opportunities, (2) capital from domestic and global markets, and (3) a highly experienced team to execute on mergers and acquisitions whilst leveraging Henslow’s global reach through its Oaklins membership and P² Advisory’s strong reputation and network. 

“Having worked with Henslow for many years we are excited to be able to leverage their IP and team to add deeper value to businesses and family groups in the Canberra Market looking not only for Merger and acquisition expertise but sourcing capital and providing unique investment opportunities.” 

Ben Weber, Director P² and Henslow Canberra.

Bridging the gap between Melbourne, Sydney and Global markets.

The market in Canberra has been rapidly growing over the past few years and the new office provides opportunities for Canberra’s emerging company scene. Businesses and investors that would previously look to Sydney or Melbourne for a full service offering, will now be able to source this expertise in Canberra.

“Having worked with P² and Canberra clients now for over 5 years, Henslow is well positioned to formally open in Canberra. Henslow will be in a better position, not only to champion our local clients but also provide them with the necessary on the ground expertise (traditionally only supplied by the major Investment and Merchant banks in the main financial centres) including access to our teams in Melbourne, Sydney and Globally. ”

Ryan Whitelegg, Managing Director at Henslow. 

Henslow and the Oaklins Network

The announcement opens Canberra’s doors to Henslow’s team in Australia of 35+ people and the entire Oaklins network, a unique organisation built from a diverse range of members from around the globe. This includes 800 professionals in 60 offices in over 40 countries and hundreds of live deals at any time. 

The new Henslow Canberra Team have already been mandated on numerous transactions including a cross-border sale mandate, an acquisition and subsequent capital raise, and divestment of a building and construction services business whilst Canberra clients continue to invest in opportunities lead by Henslow.

For corporate advice or investment opportunities in Canberra contact:

Ben Weber: bweber@henslow.com

Ryan Whitelegg: rwhitelegg@henslow.com

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