Payright (ASX:PYR)

Raised $68m across debt and equity in 4 years.

Henslow has worked with Payright from Series A-D providing capital raising and corporate and strategic advice, constantly fuelling the next phase of growth.

Additional referrals and repeat business for merchants on a platform with responsible lending principles.

Founded in 2016 by brothers Piers and Myles Redward, PayRight is an Australian Buy Now Pay Later provider. It helps merchants accelerate return-on-effort and makes things more affordable to consumers, by spreading the cost of purchases over time, without ever paying interest. Through a mixture of debt and equity raise including professional, sophisticated and institutional investors, Payright is able to expand operations, further develop their technology platform and enter into new markets.

The Highlights

  • $68m

    Capital Raised

  • 2,800+

    Merchants Signed

  • 42,274

    Total Customers

The market has seen significant opportunity driven by growing merchant awareness and consumer confidence in alternative payment methods. Raising capital has enabled Payright to accelerate merchant acquisition, platform development and geographical expansion. We continue to support the company’s strong growth profile.


March 2018

Debt - Series 2 $4.0m

March 2018

Series A $1.0m

July 2018

Debt - Series 3 $8.0m

July 2018

Series B $3.5m

December 2018

Debt - Series 4 $10.0m

June 2019

Debt - Series 5 $22.0m

June 2019

Series C $5.0m

December 2019

Subordinated Debt $4.25m

July 2020

Placement $0.3m

March 2022

Placement $9.5m

We are grateful for the support received from our key strategic partners and investors who have all made a significant contribution to the emergence of Payright as a meaningful participant in the Buy Now Pay Later sector

Co-founder and joint CEO, Myles Redward