Alcidion | Kate Quirke, Managing Director & CEO

Alcidion (ASX:ALC) is a digital health company that provides hospitals and other healthcare organisations with smart, cloud native, technology solutions to support the transformation of healthcare delivery by enabling better clinical decision making and hospital workflow processes.

During our interview with Kate Quirke, we explore the challenges of moving into a new market, while focusing on growth and expansion in the healthcare industry. Hear more about Kate’s strategy for Alcidion, the company’s initial challenges, and now their plans for growth over the next year.

Key Takeaways

  • Following Alcidion’s acquisition of MKM Health in 2018, the company focused on accelerating growth across Australia, New Zealand, and UK geographies via organic investment and targeted M&A activity
  • To facilitate the M&A activity, Alcidion partnered with Henslow and in 2021 completed two acquisitions – ExtraMed and Silverlink – both serving to expand product capability, customer penetration whilst delivering increased financial strength
  • Driven by the impacts of Covid, Alcidion has seen increased interest in their modular EPR solutions focused on Virtual Care (treating patients at home) and the flow of patients through the hospital
  • Providing solutions for several large ANZ hospital customers, along with holding a 27% market penetration within acute NHS Trusts in the UK, Alcidion is well placed to become a leading global healthcare company

“We have a lot of strong females in our business, we’re in the healthcare business. By the very nature of healthcare being a strong female profession, we ought to be able to attract more women into our leadership roles.”

Kate Quirke, Alcidion Group Managing Director and CEO


Interview clips


Alcidion in the UK Market with Kate Quirke, CEO


Challenges Faced When Entering a New Market with Kate Quirke, CEO


Women In Leadership at Alcidion with Kate Quirke, CEO


Alcidion's M&A Strategy with Kate Quirke, CEO


Evolving Digital Healthcare Landscape with Kate Quirke, CEO


Alcidion Over The Next 12-24 Months with Kate Quirke, CEO


Alcidion + Henslow Partnership with Kate Quirke, CEO


Full interview with Kate Quirke, CEO

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