Up | Dom Pym, Co-Founder

Up is Australia’s first and largest mobile banking platform and is on a mission to disrupt the banking industry and empower a new generation of savers. Founded in 2018, Up was created as a collaboration between software development company Ferocia and Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.

Dom Pym, Co-Founder of Ferocia & Up, speaks about how Up is reimagining the banking industry in Australia and what it is like to be at the helm of Australia’s most loved bank. He opens up on the importance of culture and how the leadership team has cultivated one of the country’s most sought-after workplaces. He also touches on banking industry trends, Up’s roadmap for future growth and profitability, and Dom’s personal career journey including being crowned ‘Australian Fintech Leader of the Year’… twice!

Dom’s full interview for the Henslow Innovator Series Podcast is available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

Interview clips


Growth Journey of Up


Reshaping our Relationship with Banks


Importance of Culture


Cultural Foundations of Up


Bendigo Bank Partnership


The Future of Up


Banking Industry Trends


Fintech Leader of the Year & Personal Projects


Advice for Entrepreneurs


Importance of having an M&A advisor

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