Comms Group | Peter McGrath, Managing Director & CEO

Comms Group (ASX:CCG) has grown and evolved into a leading telecommunications service provider with a broad product suite servicing small-medium enterprises & corporate mid-market businesses as well as wholesale & partner customers.

Our interview with Managing Director & CEO Peter McGrath explores the opportunities in the telecommunications industry, the growth journey of the business, as well as the future of Comms Group.

Key Takeaways

  • CCG operates three key divisions: Next Telecom, OnPlatinum & Comms Group Global
  • The shift to working from home during COVID lockdowns accelerated the uptake in CCG services
  • Having acquired four businesses in the last 18 months with OnPlatinum being the latest acquisition, CCG has helped drive consolidation within the domestic telecommunications market
  • CCG has a watchful eye on M&A domestically and internationally, and coupled with organic growth, CCG aims to achieve $100m turnover in the next 2-3 years, making the business more relevant for larger corporates

“We have focused the business on what it is we think is important for us and where we have competitive advantage. We have made a number of acquisitions in that period, and Henslow has helped with this.”

Peter McGrath, Comms Group Managing Director & CEO

Interview clips


Comms Group Client Base with Peter McGrath, CEO


Covid-19 Acceleration with Peter McGrath, CEO


Acquisition of OnPlatinum with Peter McGrath, CEO


Telco Industry Outlook with Peter McGrath, CEO


M&A Journey with Peter McGrath, CEO


Henslow + CCG Partnership with Peter McGrath, CEO


Full interview with Peter McGrath, CEO

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