Earlypay | Daniel Riley, Managing Director & CEO

Earlypay (ASX:EPY) offers a wide range of financing solutions to SME businesses in the form of secured invoice and trade finance along with complementary equipment finance. Focused on their core invoice finance product, Earlypay provide SMEs with an advance payment of up to 80% of a client’s invoice to help businesses overcome the cash pressure of delivering goods or services in advance of payment from their customers.

Daniel Riley talks about the evolving nature of Earlypay, key features that make them successful, the Australian fintech landscape and core lessons learned across his years as CEO.

Key Takeaways

  • Providing secured lending since 2012, Earlypay is now one of the largest providers of invoice financing solutions in the Australian market, delivering FY22 loan volume of $2.4b and NPAT of approximately $15m
  • In August 2020, Earlypay acquired Skipper, an early-stage invoice financing tech platform which brought together Earlypay’s customer and balance sheet scale with the onboarding and processing efficiencies of Skipper
  • Following a period of integration and digital transformation, Earlypay relaunched their service offering in November 2020, which accelerated growth
  • Earlypay credits their success over the journey with a unique ability to form relationships with industry players, resulting in a priority look at new M&A opportunities and favourable terms in partnership agreements

“There’s going to be some consolidation with FinTechs, some are going to continue to do really well but there are also going to be plenty of M&A opportunities over the next 12 months as valuations come back to more accepted levels.”

Daniel Riley, Earlypay CEO

Interview clips


Rebranding from CML to Earlypay with Daniel Riley, CEO


Fintech Landscape Outlook in Australia with Daniel Riley, CEO


Growth Ambitions and Strategy with Daniel Riley, CEO


Lessons Learned & Key Advice with Daniel Riley, CEO


Partnership with Henslow with Daniel Riley, CEO


Full interview with Daniel Riley, CEO

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