Agent Select raises $3 million in Series C strategic funding round led by RACV

Henslow is pleased to announce that we have successfully advised Agent Select on closing a Series C $3m strategic funding round led by the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, RACV.

The Henslow team have been Agent Select’s Corporate Adviser for 3 years and have actively assisted the company over its growth journey.  To date, we have raised a total of $6.6m in growth capital for the business.  This latest funding round, led by RACV, further supports Agent Select’s continued strategy of becoming a large scale, integrated property services business providing a breadth of solutions to Australian property owners.  In delivering this strategy, Agent Select will continue to work with the Henslow team to identify accelerated growth and acquisition opportunities across a range of property related product and service sectors.

As background, Agent Select, one of Australia’s leading property service providers, supports home owners through the often complex and stressful process of property transactions. Using unique proprietary technology and a team of property service professionals, Agent Select provides independent guidance and choice to home owners across Australia.

“The partnership with RACV made tremendous sense, given the charters of both companies are predicated on service excellence, trust, independence and providing informed choice.  Not only can Agent Select support RACV Members navigate the complexities and costs of a property transaction, but we’re strongly aligned on our strategic vision of providing an integrated suite of property services to home owners across Australia”.

David Ginnane, Agent Select CEO

“ The partnership with Agent Select further bolsters RACV’s ability to meet and support our Members’ needs in and around their homes. Agent Select’s independent real estate agent comparisons and their reputation for service excellence gives RACV confidence that our Members will benefit greatly when accessing this service.”

Nicole Brasz, RACV EGM Home Services

The investment in Agent Select adds to RACV’s portfolio of investments in prop-tech and prop-service businesses, in turn allowing its 2.2 million Members to make independent, informed decisions about their property needs.

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