Bio-Gene partners with BASF to address grain pest resistance

Bio-Gene is an Australian AgTech company addressing the global problems of insecticide resistance and toxicity. 


Yesterday morning, Bio-Gene announced an exclusive partnership with BASF. BASF is a leading developer globally of new chemistry to the agriculture sector with €6.2 billion in annual sales in its agricultural solutions division. This partnership will help develop the novel insecticide technology FlavocideTM for use in Stored Grain Pest control in Australia.

The collaborative approach involves a direct investment by BASF to contribute funding and expertise. The research will be undertaken by the Department of Agriculture & Fisheries, Queensland Government (DAF), who are recognised experts in the field of stored grain pests.


“BASF are one of the leading developers globally of new chemistry to the agriculture sector and Bio-Gene will benefit significantly from their resources, access to market channels and support services. We are confident that together with BASF and DAF, we have assembled a leading team of experts to undertake this work.”

Bio-Gene Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Richard Jagger. 


Stored Grain Pest Control is a key challenge for grain growers due to the increasing incidence of pest resistance. In some cases, losses of over 50% of grain in storage have been attributed to pests. With a rapidly growing population, the world is increasingly dependent on the ability to develop and maintain sustainable agriculture and healthy environments.

The proposed studies will build on the previous trials completed by Bio-Gene and undertaken by DAF. It is anticipated that the trials will take around 12 months to complete, allowing for residual performance testing of the formulations.

Henslow has worked with Bio-Gene over the past four years as their corporate advisor. Assisting the Company from initial seed capital, growth capital and their Initial Public Offering in December 2017. Bio-Gene is a terrific example of the long-term partnerships Henslow seeks to develop. We congratulate Richard Jagger and the broader BGT team on their efforts to secure this exclusive global partnership with BASF.

To discuss this transaction and how the Henslow team can assist your business, please contact Tim Chapman (tchapman@henslow.com) or Davina Gunn (dgunn@henslow.com).

For more information visit linkedin.com/posts/bio-gene-technology and bio-gene.com.au

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