Hemideina Raises $4m in Series A Round

Hemideina Raises $4m in Series A Round  

Henslow are pleased to announce that we have successfully managed a series A investment of $4 million for Hemideina in their second round of equity financing. 

Founded in 2017 by scientists, Drs. Kate Lomas and Elizabeth Williams, with a mission to revolutionise hearing for the profoundly deaf, Hemideina takes inspiration from biological systems to deliver the Hera Wireless Implant – a smaller and less invasive alternative to the traditional cochlear hearing implant. Based on the team’s proprietary signal processing technology, the product is set to disrupt the hearing implant market currently worth $1.8bn. 

“We are incredibly appreciative of the overwhelming response to our Series A round from both existing and new investors. The local investment community has demonstrated a strong understanding of our proposition, and its inherent value. We have made substantial progress this year and we are moving closer to realising our clinical and commercial objectives.” Dr. Elizabeth Williams, CEO of Hemideina

The funds raised will enable Hemideina to invest in its development program to advance the Hera Wireless Implant towards pre-clinical testing, extend the company’s IP portfolio and expand the expert team who will lead the company’s commercialisation activity.  

“This pioneering, life-changing technology with global relevance is an incredible alternative for the hearing impaired. Our solution will provide an option for families in the well-established and reimbursed market that includes children under the age of 18, and also the substantial emerging seniors market.  It is a powerful story and investors can see its health benefits and economic promise. ” Andrew Maxwell, Chairman of Hemideina

We are proud to be part of Hemideina’s journey and we look forward to this next stage of program and product development. 

To discuss this transaction and how the Henslow team can assist your business, please contact Johnathan Tooth (jtooth@henslow.com).

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