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Henslow advises on successful Atomos IPO

Henslow is pleased to have acted as Corporate Advisor, Joint Lead Manager and Underwriter to Atomos Ltd (the ‘Company’) on their recent Initial Public Offering (IPO) under the ticker ASX:AMS.

Henslow and Morgans Corporate (Joint Lead Managers and Underwriters) raised $6.0m under the IPO Offer at a share price of $0.41 resulting in a market capitalisation on listing of $62.2m. The Offer was strongly supported by existing institutional investors with funds raised being used to provide financial flexibility to accelerate Atomos’ global growth strategy along with supporting the launch of new products.

Over the past three years, Henslow has worked closely with Atomos, providing advisory and capital support to position the Company for a successful ASX listing. On behalf of Henslow, we would like to congratulate Jeromy Young (co-founder and CEO) and the entire Atomos team on the progress they have made over this period and we look forward to their continued progression as a public company.

Atomos is a global video technology company that enhances video content creation by producing products that connect the imaging and computer worlds together, from the point of capture (camera) through to displaying (monitor), processing and recording of the latest high-quality raw video onto affordable computer media for creative enhancement and distribution. Atomos is based in Australia with offices in the USA, Japan, China, UK and Germany and has a worldwide distribution partner network.

For more information on Atomos (www.atomos.com), please click here for access to the Prospectus.

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