Neo Self-Service Solutions Increases Technological Capability To Drive Innovation

Neo Self-Service Solutions is pleased to announce the expansion of the business’ software and electronic design capability, a move that allows the company to explore in-house development of custom products as well as a range of R&D projects.

Continuing to keep Neo design and manufacturing in Australia, the product development team will be integral to developing the next generation of automation self-service solutions. With a focus on omnichannel service design and maintaining public health, Neo’s proprietary technology will have multiple use cases across critical public-facing industries such as travel, transport and entertainment.

The team will be led by engineers Jim Honeyman and Ryan Fleming who bring a breadth and depth of product patents and software experience to Neo. The duo has led the product development of a variety of proprietary tech products for professional sport, healthcare, natural resources and manufacturing. Technologies include cellular communications, mesh networking and internet of things. Engineers Jim and Ryan have a track record for innovation. An example of their work is the patented electronic cricket wicket system ‘Zing’ that is used all over the world, including the Cricket World Cup.

Zings, the flashing wickets of world cricket.

The expansion increases capacity to focus on R&D projects that respond to the post-COVID-19 environment and address public health and safety.

Executive Director Anton Jovanovic on the impact of COVID-19:

“COVID-19 has shown us the power of technology products to mobilise and aid public health and safety. Now more than ever, we need to be as agile as possible and give Australia’s leading engineers the mind space to innovate. And that’s the environment we’re committed to at Neo.”

With additional software and electronic capability, Neo will not only be able to offer lower-cost volumes but will be able to increase the functionality of self-service kiosks and terminals, offering clients increased customisation of their service design. A powerful example of capability is in border security kiosks. Neo’s custom technologies can integrate thermal imaging sensors into public-facing kiosks and supply customers with raw data on the subject’s temperature.

Inherent to Neo’s offering has always been the ability to create bespoke product solutions that considers the context of which it’s being created.

COO Mike Mitchell on the business’s roots:

“This marks a new, but familiar, milestone for Neo. Thirty years ago, Neo was founded by engineers, driven by curiosity in where technology was heading, and the idea that we could be adding value to the industry. So it’s really exciting for this curiosity and desire to constantly innovate to still be at the centre of the business three decades on.” 

For further information, please get in touch with Executive Director, Anton Jovanovic at anton.jovanovic@neoproductsgroup.com

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