Oaklins Spot On: Enterprise SaaS

Exploring the value of SaaS businesses

The SaaS (Software as a Service) sector may be coming out of a boom time of notably high valuations, but there is still the chance for companies to enjoy such valuations particularly if they dedicate time and effort to those factors deemed essential by investors and acquirers.


“As the SaaS business model matures, it becomes harder to create a company that stands out from the crowd and captures high valuations. However, there are factors that can help give SaaS businesses a competitive advantage such as mastering relevant metrics and effective scaling management.”JONI PITKÄRANTA, ENTREPRISE SAAS SPECIALIST, OAKLINS


In our latest eSaaS Spot On, our experts Joni Pitkäranta and John Matthews explore the current status of the SaaS business model, providing a sector overview that looks at how companies can optimize their operations and the importance of key metrics.

The report also tracks recent valuations for public SaaS companies, showcases some of Oaklins’ successes in this field, and looks ahead to what the future could bring to the sector.

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