Karl Warrener

Karl Warrener has spent the last 4 years in financial services working for a European start-up and Australian retail banking ecosystems.

Karl started his career whilst studying as a relationship advisor with Australia’s first B Corp accredited financial institution, Beyond Bank.

Notable recent transactions include:

  • Advised on the sale of Deliverit Software to Pemba Capital Partners

After Graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in International Business it seemed only right to test his knowledge overseas and move to Berlin. After arriving in Germany, Karl began working for N26 – one of the fastest-growing mobile banks in Europe. After spending two years living in Europe, Karl returned home to Canberra where he started his new adventure at Henslow’s Canberra office.

Karl’s passion lies in working closely with founders in both technology, building and construction industries.

Karl also picked up a passion for European handball whilst overseas and he is now volunteering with ACT handball to establish grassroots development of the sport here in Australia.

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