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Due to ongoing challenges and risk factors such as the global geopolitical situation and inflation, M&A activity seems to have reset to pre-pandemic levels. However, we’ve seen that many of the factors underpinning the booming M&A market in 2021 – such as supply chain resilience, portfolio optimization, ESG and, most importantly, the need for technology to support digital transformation across sectors – remain influential for dealmaking, Today’s environment may even result in better opportunities and healthier returns.

Business owners still have their sights very much set on growth, with M&A playing a leading role in this strategy, albeit in a more cautious way and with in-depth diligence and analysis of potential assets to make sure they are the best fit to support their company’s future plans.

If you are a business owner or CEO looking for additional support, we have the professional resources to help you review your strategic priorities and to enable you to position your company for sustainable growth.

Today, we want to share with you how we have collaborated closely — across borders, teams, industries and markets — with entrepreneurs and companies, allowing them to get a grip on the current situation and reach their full potential.

Global insight publications, events and articles

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES | How green is my company and how much will this impact my valuation?

WEBINAR RECORDING AND RECAP: There is a lot of discussion in the building sector today about sustainability and the effects of automation. But how does this impact buyers’ acquisition strategies and, most importantly, will it affect the value of your company? Read more.

CONSUMER & RETAIL | Thrusting retail into the future

E-COMMERCE REPORT: In the past two years or so, e-commerce has benefited significantly from the effects of numerous lockdowns and other restrictions put in place around the world as part of the fight against COVID-19. Our latest e-commerce report looks at different factors impacting this boom, including not just the pandemic but also the effects of long-term investment in this field. Read more.

ENERGY | TMT | Home run: AI takes HVAC to a new level

HVAC SPOT ON: Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) businesses are experiencing a time of unprecedented change as a result of key factors coming together. Our latest Spot On explores market trends including the growing use of AI, looks at the active year for M&A in the sector during 2021, and spotlights a recent cross-border transaction where Oaklins advised the buyer throughout the process despite pandemic-related challenges. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES | Rising raw material prices impact glass processors

GLASS PROCESSING & FINISHING SPOT ON: As with many global industries, glass manufacturing was hit hard in the first quarter of 2022 by increased prices for both energy and raw materials. Our new Glass Processing & Finishing Spot On looks at the causes of this trend and what it means for glass companies in terms of valuations and profit margins. Read more.

TMT | NFT disruption and its impact on M&A

ARTICLE: Over the last two years, the term ‘NFT’ has become increasingly commonplace in media and technology. And despite its relatively nascent popularity, NFTs are anticipated to become a mainstay in the worlds of marketing, advertising and entertainment. Read more on how NFT technology will affect the M&A landscape.

Global deal highlights

INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & COMPONENTS | Chinese innovation in the electrical equipment sector comes to the international market

The shareholders of Jiangsu Huineng Electric Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Huineng), a leading Chinese low-voltage electrical equipment manufacturer, have sold a 50% equity stake of the company to Eaton Corporation (Eaton), a global giant in the electrical equipment industry, to form a joint venture.

Oaklins’ team in Shanghai acted as the exclusive financial advisor to the shareholders of Jiangsu Huineng in this transaction and assisted with valuation guidance, negotiations, pre-closing restructuring and other closing-related matters. Read more.

TMT | Building a leader in the analytics service for FLB brands

Launchmetrics Group has acquired its main competitor, the Italian DMR Group, thereby strengthening its data and analytic capabilities and becoming a category leader in brand performance for fashion, luxury and beauty (FLB) brands.

Oaklins’ team in Italy advised DMR Group, while the team in France supported the transaction during negotiations with the buyer, and Oaklins’ creative services team in New York provided its expertise throughout the process. Read more.

PRIVATE EQUITY | TMT | Accelerating growth in the customer engagement software sector

Netherlands-based OBI4wan, the all-in-one solution for customer service, chatbots, online and offline social media monitoring, and media insights, has been acquired by Spotler Group. By joining forces, Spotler and OBI4wan will be able to extend their respective current product offerings and expand their position as a group to a truly omni-channel, data-driven marketing communication software provider.

Oaklins’ team in the Netherlands served as the exclusive financial advisor to OBI4wan’s shareholders in its sale to Spotler, including majority shareholder Main Capital Partners and the management team of OBI4wan. Read more.

HEALTHCARE I Transformational acquisition of UK PAS company by Australian specialist

Alcidion Group Limited (ASX:ALC) has acquired Silverlink PCS Software Limited (Silverlink), one of the largest and last remaining specialist patient administration system (PAS) providers servicing the UK National Health Service (NHS).

The acquisition of Silverlink PCS Software Limited provides Alcidion Group Limited with a PAS capability, which is the foundational data store for healthcare. Oaklins supported the transaction and its experienced team showed a deep understanding of the industry. Read more.

CONSTRUCTION & ENGINEERING SERVICES I LOGISTICS I Consolidation and growth in the French heavy lifting market

Montagrues, the Paris-based leader in mobile crane rental, has been sold to Group Plissonneau.

Oaklins’ team in France supported Montagrues in this competitive transaction. The team presented additional opportunities to Montagrues’ shareholders by targeting “unusual suspects,” such as international mobile crane, heavy transport and fleet companies, as well as equipment rental firms. Read more.

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