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Atomos on the Path to IPO

Henslow is pleased to announce that the offer period for the Atomos initial public offering is now open following lodgment of the Prospectus on 30 November 2018. Henslow Pty Ltd and Morgans Corporate Limited are Joint Lead Managers and Underwriters to the Offer raising $6.0m at a share price of $0.41 which will result in an indicative market capitalisation on completion of the offer of $62.2m.

The offer period is open Monday 10 December and closes at 5pm on Tuesday 18 December. Funds raised will be used to provide funding and financial flexibility to support and accelerate Atomos’ global growth strategy whilst also supporting the launch of new products.

Atomos is a global video technology company that enhances video content creation by producing products that connect the imaging and computer worlds together, from the point of capture (camera) through to displaying (monitor), processing and recording of the latest high-quality video onto affordable computer media for creative enhancement and distribution of content. The Company designs, develops and commercialises award-winning, simple to use monitor-recorder products that ensure content creators consistently have access to the latest video monitoring, processing and recording technologies, regardless of how advanced the camera or production equipment they use.

This is the fifth capital raising that Henslow has undertaken for Atomos and underpins our philosophy of working with growing and entrepreneurial companies throughout each stage of their business life cycle.

For more information on Atomos, please click here for access to the Prospectus.

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